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Remember that American our BOX from 1966 from Lazy Tortoise? So, Lazy Tortoise decided to released the rest of the material they had, simply everything from the 1964 tour in prestine quality!

This BOX also includes the lost Seattle & Vancouver (USA) complete shows! Plus, the Ed Sullivan show in real stereo remastered by Mirror Spock and the A Hard Day's Night movie in its full lengh and all full picture remastered in by Mirror Spock in glorious crisp total full image and mono sound with no chopping off (The Miramax DVD chopped off the Top and Bottom and the MPI one chopped off the sides).

The World Today
Driving to Ed Sullivan
WMCA Promos and much more!


Ed Sullivan show 1º taping
Ed Sullivan show 1º live broadcast
Plaza Hotel interview
Ed Rudy interview, Mal Evans interview
CBS interviews


Washington Colliseum concert
British Embassy interview
Murray the ''K'' complete


Train ride to New York
WQAM radio interview
Carnegie Hall
Ed Sullivan rehearsals
Ed Sullivan Live broadcast
Lee Alan interview
Deauville Hotel Miami
Ringo at Kennedy Airport



1 Arrival
5 Press Conference
6 Introduction
7 Twist and Shout
8 You Can't Do That
9 All My Loving
10 She Loves You
11 Things We Said Today
12 Roll Over Beethoven
13 Can't Buy Me Love
14 If I Fell
15 I Want To Hold Your Hand
16 Boys
17 A Hard Day's Night
18 Long Tall Sally
20 Pressroom
21 Pressroom
22 Pressroom
23 Pressroom
24 Pressroom
25 Press Conference (Part 1)



1 Press Conference (Part 2)
2 Press Conference (Part 2)
3 Press Conference (Part 2)
4 Press Conference (Part 2)
5 Introduction
6 Twist and Shout
7 You Can't Do That
8 All My Loving
9 She Loves You
10Things We Said Today
11 Roll Over Beethoven
12 "Sit Down Now"
13 Can't Buy Me Love
14 If I Fell
15 Boys
16 Derek Taylor Admonishes The Crowd
17 A Hard Day's Night
18 Long Tall Sally
19 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
20 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
21 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
22 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
23 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
24 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
25 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
26 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
27 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
28 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
29 Radio Feed (with Commentary)
30 Radio Feed (with Commentary)

A Technical Note from the makers of this SET (Lazy Tortoise and Darthdisc):

The Vancouver bootleg has long been one of my favorites, not because the concert itself was especially good - it wasn't, and the audience's zeal led the group to curtail its set. Still, the boot of the August 22, 1964 Vancouver show offered something that straight concert recordings don't: A view of a Beatles appearance from several perspectives. In addition to the concert, recorded by a local radio station and played straight, there is a second version of the concert with descriptive commentary from one of the station's reporters. And in addition to the pre-show press conference, there is a lengthy and amusing segment recorded in the press room as the press awaited the group.

This CD edition was made from the tape that had been the source of the original LP set. But there are some differences. The original bootleggers had dome some minor re-ordering in the pressroom section. Rather than duplicate their edits, I let the tape play as it is. It was also necessary to correct some serious volume fluctuation on one channel during the concert. The easiest solution would have been to simply use the other channel (it's a mono tape after all), but for various technical and philosophical reasons I didn't want to do that.

Instead, with the magic of computer technology - and working at times almost frame by frame -
I restored the levels on the faulty channel. In the interests of full disclosure, I admit to one touch of cosmetic fakery. On the tape - as on the LP - there is a one-syllable dropout in "Things We Said Today." It occurs at the end of the phrase "And that's enough," the second time McCartney sings it. The choice was to let the dropout stand, or fix it by dropping in a copy of the syllable ("nough") from McCartney's first pass at it. I chose the latter. The edit did not disturb any of the existing material.

Because the original double LP was too long to fit on a single CD, I gathered the available recordings from the Beatles' visit to Seattle the previous day, August 21 - Airport interviews, the press conference, and the complete concert (the last three songs of which were missing from the Spank edition).

Unlike the Vancouver radio recording, the Seattle concert is an audience tape and decidedly MID-FI. Still, the addition of this material gives us a documentary of two days in the group's 1964 North American Tour - the days, in fact, that led up to the Hollywood Bowl performance on August 23rd, which was also recorded.

I did always think the legit DVD’s looked fuzzy and not clear for something that was supposed to come from the master video tapes. It always disappointed me. As soon as you start viewing Mirror Spock’s—-the jump in clarity stunned me! Mirror Spock had access to the actual video masters and the legit DVDs now look as if they are old bootleg VHS quality. Sections where there was smear and ghostliness are basically cleaned up. The contrast from camera shot to camera shot is now consistant and scratches and distortions are fixed so that stretched aspect ratios are adjusted. In those cases you have what seems to be a smaller image on the screen with slight black lines on edges. But that’s ok as those shots are now normal ratio. Mirror Spock did cut out the supporting acts and commercials and only Beatles content is left intact; some crossfades are needed to help with the transitions. I can live without the supporting acts and commercials as I have those on the legit DVDs. What’s great about this is that it’s just the Beatles performances. They look clearer and cleaner than anything I’ve ever viewed before from these shows, and the sound is improved and just as good remastered in mono as well as in Mirror Spock stereo.

Definitely search this one out. You won’t be disappointed and you will find it (like I do) to be an essential addition to your Beatles bootleg DVD collection and the one Ed Sullivan DVD you'll ever
need to enjoy those classic performances!"

DVD TWO - A HARD DAY'S NIGHT REMASTERED BY MIRROR SPOCK - Just one thing really strikes me about this DVD, it is that it took MIRROR SPOCK 1 year in the making, really, read the reviews, 1 frigging year.... and it shows...... plus the Miramax official DVD chopped off the top and bottom of the picture and the MPI DVD chopped off both sides, but now you have it for the first time IN FULL SCREEN TOTALITY & ENHANCED FULLY RESTORED LENGH MOVIE, PLUS THE CORRECTED ''YOU CAN'T DO THAT'' BONUS TRACK!


1. Sources • The video sources are the MPI DVD & The Miramax DVD. The main video source had to be the MPI DVD for technical reasons, with additional (the 2 sides) parts of the video from the Miramax DVD which were lacking in the MPI video. The audio source was from the
Miramax DVD, but went from mono to some bastardized stereo for the songs, they had to be restored to true mono. The songs were also EQ’ed for better sound. The 1982 re-release prologue to the film with ‘’I’ll Cry Instead’’ at the beginning has been restored, using the
true mono mix of that song. Although it wasn’t part of the original film, it’s a good piece of video and that song was recorded for that film
but ot used.

2. Union of Sources • The original aspect ratio of the film is British Academy ratio, which is 1.37:1 DVDs standards are 1.33:1 (fullscreen) & 16:9 (widescreen). So the full screen MPI video chops off some of the two sides of the picture, and the widecreesn Miramax DVD chops off the top and bottom of the picture. A union of these two sources was created, restoring the top, bottom and the two sides yielding the fullest picture yet on DVD. This leaves just four black rectangles in the four corners of the picture that have no picture from either DVD source. When played on a tellevision, the overscan wil chop off the four sides o the picture anyway, so to see the whole, you have to play it on a computer monitor, or maybe a good TV.

3. Song speed Corrected • The slow songs in the movie (’’If I Felt’’, ‘’And I Love Her’’, ‘’I’m Happy Just To Dance With You’’ and all of the concert songs at the end) were speeded up to match the speed of the rest of the songs that were not slowed down. The slow
songs were slowed down for purely technical, not artistic, reasons, so it is not second guessing any artistic integrity of the original to speed them up when this now has become technically feasible. The original film was shot at 24 frames per second, and NTSC DVD requires 29.97 frames per second, so this provided the opportunity to speed up the video witout dropping any actual film frames.

4. Outtake Restoration • ‘’You Can’t Do That’’; It has been de-interlaced, and the original film frames recovered about as well as possible. Some resulting frames are still some blend of two frames, but it’s still a lot better than it was in the source.

5. Video Enhancing • The video was enhanced in a way that brings out details that are otherwise buried in the video, specially in shadows


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