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We are proud to present the first of a series of SESSIONS & OUTTAKES from Paul McCartney, from 1973 to 1979. These albums are a must have in any collection and none of these outtakes are available anywhere, in any BOX or previous releases. we'll have a short review by a specialist after each title to clarify completely what sessions we are talking about.
These are also the first OFF-SET releases to date. What does it mean? It means that the artwork on these albums are made to withstand the sunlight, water and time, so, in a nutshel, you can practically leave it in sunlight and it will never fade, it looks better than ANY OFFICIAL RELEASE and lasts longer TOO !!! It's made to last at least 100 years + according to the factory. So, after this exciting annoucement, let's move onto the albums :


Off The Flowers is a documentation of McCartney's work released between Flowers In The Dirt (1989) and Off The Ground (1992).
Collected are all
B-sides, promo-versions, sampler-tracks and work for others that are not included on the original albums.

Volume 1

01. Flying To My Home (4:12)
02. The First Stone (4:05)
03. I Wanna Cry (4:41)
04. The Long And Winding Road (3:52)
05. Figure Of Eight (4:06)
06. Figure Of Eight (5:12)
07. Figure Of Eight (4:04)
08. Loveliest Thing (4:00)
09. Rough Ride (4:54)
10. Ou est le soleil? (4:52)
11. Party Party (5:34)
12. Mania's Little Girl (3:43)
13. Same Time Next Year (3:10)
14. ... This Town ... (4:30)
15. Veronica (3:09)
16. Pads, Paws And Claws (2:56)

Track 01: This outtake from the "Flowers In The Dirt" sessions was released
May 8, 1989 on McCartney's "My Brave Face" 7" single and on the 3"
and 5" CD-singles.

Track 02: Taken from the second "Flowers" single "This One" released on
July 17, 1989. The song was a co-composition with McCartney's
guitarist Hamish Stuart.

Track 03: Released only on the 3" CD-single and the first of two 12" maxi-
singles of "This One". The song was recorded by Paul during the
sessions for his russian album "CHOBA B CCCP" in July 1988.

Track 04: Lifted from the "Put It There" TV special and released on a 7"
special-package of "This One" and on the Austrian 3" CD-single of
"Figure Of Eight".

Track 05: 3" EEC Mix. This mix by Bob Clearmountain was only available on the
"Figure Of Eight" promo 7" and the Austrian version of the 3"
CD-single, released November 6, 1989.

Track 06: 3" UK Mix. This unique mix comes from the British 3" CD-single.

Track 07: 5" UK Mix. The second UK CD-single of "Figure Of Eight" features
a different mix of the title track.

Track 08: Written in 1987 and produced by Phil Ramone "Loveliest Thing" was
released on the Austrian 3" CD-single and on the British 5"

Track 09: Taken from the "Put It There" TV special the song was first released
on the British 3" CD-single.

Track 10: 7" Mix. The flipside of the "Figure Of Eight" 7" single.

Track 11: The song was recorded during a jam session in Sussex and released as
a bonus 3" CD-single and 7" single for the limited "Flowers In The
Dirt World Tour Pack" CD- and LP-set.

Track 12: Recorded in 1971 the song was projected for the unreleased "Cold
Cuts" LP. As "Same Time Next Year" the song was released February 5,
1990 on the "Put It There" 5" CD-single.

Track 13: The basic track was recorded May 5, 1978 at RAK studios. Also
projected for "Cold Cuts".

Track 14: Bonus track - Elvis Costello. This song released on Costello's
"Spike" LP/CD in January 1989 features McCartney on bass.

Track 15: Bonus track - Elvis Costello. The first of two McCartney/McManus
co-compositions released on "Spike" also features McCartney on his
famous Hofner violin bass.

Track 16: Bonus track - Elvis Costello. "Spike's" second McCartney/McManus

Volume 2

01. Ou est le soleil? (7:13)
02. Ou est le soleil? (7:08)
03. Ou est le soleil? (4:30)
04. Ou est le soleil? (4:28)
05. This One (6:07)
06. Good Sign (7:44)
07. Good Sign (6:44)
08. Figure Of Eight (5:07)
09. Message (0:29)
10. P.S. Love Me Do (3:44)
11. It's Now Or Never (3:03)
12. Party Party (3:45)
13. Good Day Sunshine (2:32)
14. P.S. Love Me Do (3:30)
15. Let 'Em In (5:39)

Track 01: Dennis Myet Edit. This unique disco mix of "Ou est le soleil?" was
released as a promo only 12" single in July '89. It reappeared in
March 1991 on a Disconet CD sampler.
Track 02: Pettibone Remix
Track 03: Tub Dub Mix
Track 04: Instrumental Mix.

Tracks 02-04: were taken from the US 12" maxi-single released July 26, 1989.
The short Shop Pettibone 7" remix of "Ou est le soleil?" is
available on "OffThe Flowers Vol.1"

Track 05: Club Lovejoy Mix. First released July 1989 in the UK on a limited
edition promo 12" single. The "Club Lovejoy Mix" was re-released
four months later on the 1st of two British "Figure Of Eight"
12" singles.

Track 06: Groove Mix. This mix is only available on a UK promo 12" release.
The promo single is said to be limited to 500 copies.

Track 07: The second version of "Good Sign" was released together with the
"Groove Mix" on a 12" promo vinyl. It could also be found on the
second British 12" single of "This One", released July 31, 1989.
Track 08: 7" Mix. This 7" mix differs slightly from the three mixes that
could be found on "Off The Flowers Vol.1". It was released on the
7" single of the title track on November 6, 1989.

Tracks 09-10: are taken from the Japanes Double-CD version of "Flowers In The
Dirt". While CD1 is identical to the usual UK release, CD2
feature some flipsides and these two unique recordings not to
be found anywhere else.

Track 11: Released only on the British NME's various artists sampler "The Last
Temptation Of Elvis" on March 24, 1990. The song was recorded by
McCartney during the sessions for his russian album "CHOBA B CCCP"
in July 1988.

Track 12: The edit was released on a CD promo sampler called "McCartney Rocks"
in the US on February 20, 1990.

Tracks 13-15: The three live cuts were released on the "Birthday" 12" maxi and
5" CD-single on October 8, 1989, one day before John Lennon's

Volume 3

01. Coming Up (4:55)
02. Hey Jude (7:04)
03. All My Trials (3:25)
04. C Moon (3:43)
05. Strawberry Fields Forever/Help!/Give Peace A Cance (6:45)
06. Mull Of Kintyre (5:26)
07. Put It There (2:44)
08. Long Leather Coat (3:21)
09. Big Boys Bickering (3:35)
10. Kicked Around No More (5:28)
11. Deliverance (8:46)
12. Deliverance (7:44)
13. So Like Candy
14. Playboy To A Man (3:19)

Tracks 01-02: were recorded live in Knebworth on June 30, 1990 as part of a
45-minute set. They were released on a sampler on August 6, 1990
called "Knebworth - The Album".

Track 03: This track was the title track for McCartney's second live single in
UK and Japan. Anywhere else "The Long And Winding Road" from
"Tripping The Live Fantastic" was chosen for the single instead.
The 5" CD-single was released in two formats: first on November 26,
1990 with "C Moon", "Mull Of Kintyre" and "Put It There"; second on
December 3, 1990 with "C Moon" and the Lennon Medley.

Track 04: The flipside of the "All My Trials" and "The Long And Winding Road"
vinyl singles.

Tracks 08-10: were release worldwide on the first "Hope Of Deliverance"
5" CD-single late December 1992.

Track 11: Anderson Mix
Track 12: Dub Mix

Tracks 11-12: The two disco-mixes of "Hope Of Deliverance" were released
January 21, 1993 in Holland on the second "Hope Of Deliverance"
5" CD-single. They later appeared in UK on the second "C'mon
People" 5" CD-single.

Tracks 13-14: Bonus track - Elvis Costello. Both bonus tracks are copyrighted
"McCartney/McManus" and were released on Elvis Costello's
"Mighty Like A Rose" LP and CD in May 1991. Paul didn't play
any of the instruments on these tracks.

Volume 4

01. C'mon People (4:03)
02. C'mon People (5:46)
03. I Can't Imagine (4:40)
04. Keep Coming Back To Love (4:59)
05. Down To The River (3:32)
06. Off The Ground (3:40)
07. Off The Ground (3:43)
08. Off The Ground (3:52)
09. Cosmically Concious (4:40)
10. Style Style (6:02)
11. Sweet Sweet Memories Soggy Noodle (4:31)
12. Midnight Special (4:57)
13. Things We Said Today (3:38)
14. Don't Break The Promises (6:22)
15. Yeah (4:45)

Track 01: Radio Edit. The title track of the second single from the "Off The
Ground" album was released as a radio edit on promotional singles
and 5" promo CD-singles in the UK and the US only.

Track 02: 7" Mix. Was used for the vinyl singles and also for the
5" CD-singles worldwide. It differs slightly from the usual LP or
CD version.

Tracks 03-05: were taken from the first British "C'mon People" CD-single
released in March 1993.

Track 06: Bob Clearmountain Mix. In May 1993 "Off The Ground" was mixed for
single release by Bob Clearmountain. McCartney himself felt unhappy
with the result and only some promotional 5" CD-singles with this
mix survived.

Track 07: Steve Cohen Promo Mix. Three months later in August 1993 another
attempt was made to release "Off The Ground" as a single. This time
a promo 5" CD-single mix was made by Steve Cohen. The 5" CD-single
features the same Capitol catalogue number than the Bob Clearmountain
mix but has a different sticker on the jewel box.

Track 08: Steve Cohen 7" Mix. McCartney wasn't that unsatisfied with the result
of the mixing but chose another Cohen mix for the official
5" CD-single release than the promo mix.

Track 09: The flipside of the rare "Off The Ground" vinyl 7" jukebox promo

Tracks 10-11: were release on the 5" CD-singles of "Off The Ground" worldwide.

Tracks 12-13: were left-overs from McCartneys MTV Unplugged show recorded
January 25, 1991. They were release on the Dutch "Biker Like An
Icon" 5" CD-single in October 1993.

Track 14: Bonus track: 10CC. The song was written by Stewart/McCartney/Gouldman
and released in May 1992 on lOCC's "...meanwhile" CD. McCartney
doesn't share the recording sessions.

Track 15: Bonus track: Eddy Murphy. This novelty features 25 stars who
contribute some "Yeahs" to the recording. Among these cameos you can
hear Michael Jackson, Elton John, Julio Iglesias and... Paul McCartney. The song opens Murphy's February 1993 CD "Love's Alright"